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Consultation Services &
Corporate offerings


BestLife providers offer consultation to other mental health professionals, agencies, and companies on best practices in the mental health field pertaining to trauma informed care.


BestLife providers have experience in providing trainings and consulting with organization to implement trauma informed practices within their settings.

Equine Assisted Learning is at the cutting edge of leadership training, team building and corporate development in America.

Participants will be immersed in an experiential learning environment with horses where they will practically apply and reflect on their teamwork abilities and awareness. Working with horses provides an opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves, each other, and the team as a whole. 

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Corporate Offerings

Developing and growing your team is one of the most important activities that leadership in a business can perform. Learning and developing skills and techniques to improve the performance of your employees is essential for both your success and the future success of your business. Skills in coaching, mentoring and team building help to make this possible; mastering these techniques is critical. 

For The Whole Team
Corporate Mentoring, Team Building and Leadership

Bronze Package

The Bronze Package option gives your team a half day experience and will integrate Equine Assisted Corporate Team Building and other Leadership and Team Building experiences. This experience is ideal for teams seeking a better understanding of team dynamics, underlying causes of inefficiency, and other hinderances to maximum productivity. 

Silver Package

Take your corporate outing to the next level and enjoy a full day of the Silver Package. Businesses may work with the BestLife team to customize their experience to achieve their collective goals.

Gold Package

Just for Leadership. Just as sports coaches inspire their teams to success, so should corporate managers. Best Life offers Coaching session that cover communication, expectations, goals and boundaries with teams. 

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