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Performance Coaching Services

For Athletes, Performing Artists, Creative Artists, and other Performers

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary" -

Vince Lombardi

For Performers 

Athletes, Performing Artists, & Creative Expression Artists

Individual & Team Sessions Available
For Ages 12+

Individual Sessions

Tailored to Your Unique Performance Requirements

Whether you aim to elevate an already exceptional performance, address areas where improvement is needed, or navigate personal challenges impacting your abilities, our individual sessions are crafted to meet your specific needs.

These sessions are meticulously designed to pinpoint performance objectives, assess strengths and areas that warrant enhancement, and create a strategic action plan to elevate your mental game.

Team Sessions

Team Excellence Unveiled


A championship-caliber team is characterized by its seamless collaboration toward a shared objective.

The most successful teams exhibit cohesion, confidence, effective leadership, and unwavering dedication.

If your team is falling short of performance targets, grappling with communication challenges, lacking strong leadership, or struggling to function cohesively, reach out to explore how we can collaborate for improvement.

For Coaches, Trainers, & Instructors

As a coach and leader, you have accepted the responsibility for creating a training environment that fosters development and produces success. Being a coach has many rewards, but it also comes with many stressors and challenges - one being the limited number of people who understand your responsibilities and challenges, and who are in a position to help you reach your goals. 


Caitlyn is able to assist coaches: ​

  • raise the level of cohesion and consistency within their team

  • improve communication with their players and staff

  • manage the pressure of fans, parents, players, and organizations

  • develop their coaching philosophy and approach to training

  • define and reach their own performance and personal goals, and 

  • increase their enjoyment in the area which they have dedicated their life. 

High Five
Family Soccer

For Parents & Caregivers

As a parent you naturally want the best for your child - whether it’s at school, home, in sports, or performing arts. But knowing how to help your child improve performance in sports without pressuring them is a fine line to walk. Caitlyn can help you manage the balancing act of being a fan while also being a parent.

As a sports parent, you can help build your child’s confidence and mental game, be a positive support, and learn how to control emotions while on the sidelines. 


Caitlyn works with parents on issues such as behavior reinforcement, positive fan behaviors, and maintaining the right role for you as your child grows. 

Learn how to promote a strong mental game using proven mental toughness strategies!

EMDR for Performance

While EMDR was originally developed to treat trauma, it has widely grown over the past 25 years, and has proven to be successful with various other concerns. 

EMDR for performance addresses issues such as performance anxiety, self-defeating beliefs, behavioral inhibition, post-traumatic stress, and psychological recovery from injury. It can be particularly helpful for those experiencing the "yips," a slump, coming back from an injury, and/or those who have experienced a traumatic event (pertaining to performance or not). 

With EMDR, the client reprocesses the event(s) and is able to let go of negative imagery, emotions, and body sensations that are attached to their performance issues. Any mental blocks that are interfering with performance are removed; which allows the client to tap into their strengths and get back to . This leaves the athlete feeling more empowered and confident in achieving their goals. 

Services are available on-site, via telehealth, or in office. EMDR Intensives for performance are available based on scheduling availability. 

** In addition to EMDR Basic Training, Caitlyn has completed advanced EMDR training specific to performance**


Clinics & Workshops

Clinics and workshops are interactive presentations that provide knowledge on a wide range of key performance psychology skills and strategies. Clinics and workshops are conducted through lecture, group discussion, and activities. 


You will be introduced to mental game skills, given the opportunity to practice these skills, and provided with materials to take home so you can use the skill on your own.


The overall goal of clinics and workshops is to provide you with practical, real-world strategies to improve performance and gain the edge over your competition. 

Clinics are workshops are designed to be completely customized to clients’ needs.

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