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Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy which is an experiential form of psychotherapy where horses are involved in the sessions. “Experiential” means that you will be involved in hands-on experiences with the horses designed to reflect things going on in your life. The process is not always about interacting with the treatment team, although that will happen at times, but is about providing you the opportunity to experience, explore, problem-solve, discover, be creative, gain insight and experience practical applications of what you are learning in the moment. The process is about “doing” along with the “talking. Clients should arrive on-time for their therapy session dressed in weather appropriate outdoor clothing with close-toe, hard-sole shoes on at all times.

The Eagala Model is one of the most common models for using horses as part of mental health treatment. It does not include any horseback riding--only interaction with horses from the ground.

Its name is an acronym for Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association. Eagala is also the name of the organization that developed the model and oversees certification of its therapists.

A core part of the Eagala Model is its team approach to mental health treatment: a horse, a licensed mental health professional, and an equine specialist are always present during Eagala sessions. All three are considered equal members of the treatment team.


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Animal -Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a form of creative therapy that utilizes animals and handlers (people who manage the animal) to provide goal-directed therapy to individuals. AAT can be used with various psychological, emotional, developmental, cognitive, motivational, or physical concerns. Any fear of dogs should be reported before treatment starts so proper precautionary measures can be taken and appropriateness determined.

Welcoming our newest addition to our office:

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