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Forest Road

My Approach

"If you want to perform at the highest level,
then you have to prepare at the highest level." 
- Tom Brady

- Initial consult

- Mental Skills Assessment

         This will help us determine what your strengths are, as well as areas for growth. 

- Individualized Goal Setting 

         Together we will set measurable and achievable goals; as well as a timeline for those goals. 

- Customized plan of action for reaching your goals 

- Implementation of a system for monitoring and tracking your progress 

- Maintenance of learned skills and techniques 

- Take home materials 

What's Included?

What a "typical" session might look like


- Check-in since last session - including information about lessons/practices, training, competitions, etc. 

          What's been working for you and what do we need to continue to strengthen? 

Performance Troubleshooting 

- Review of previously taught performance skills 

- Review any training assignments from the previous session

- Teach (and practice) new performance skills and strategies 

- Plan for upcoming competitions or events


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